Sunday, 13 February 2011

Chan Fang 禅房/Buddha Machine Generation III in Retro Red

I was delighted to get this all new latest Buddha Machine today from Piccadilly Records in Manchester. I had a choice from retro Red, Blue, Black, Clear and Forest Green.

The Buddha Machine series has become one of the most talked about ambient music releases of all time. The latest machine is a clear plastic music box about the size of a cigarette box but with volume and pitch shift. The device features four extended-play loops by Beijing duo Christiaan Virant and Zhang Jian, aka FM3 and operates via 2 AA size batteries.

'Chan Fang' translates as "Zen Room," and sees the duo swap drones from their first two Buddha releases for classical loops. The tracks were composed and performed on the Qin, a seven string zither. Turn on 'Chan Fang' and soundtrack your life. Tweak the pitch to match your mood. Enjoy a bubble bath with an exotic soundtrack!

The four extended play loops are : 01 Chun 春    02 Qiu 秋    03 Xia 夏  and 04 Dong 冬

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